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So outstanding

Our furniture has bee awarded the RAL seal of quality, the “Golden M”. We fulfil all the requirements of the German Furniture Quality Association (Deutsche Gütegemeinschaft Möbel e.V.) with regard to quality, safety and the environment.

Numerous independent laboratories deal with the intensive analysis of the furnishings. They are thoroughly tested and assessed according to the applicable benchmarks of the current quality, safety and emissions standards. Using carefully selected materials and standardised construction, we aim to achieve the highest possible safety standard. Our furniture complies with emission class A.

We are outstanding.

So sustainable

Forests are of essential importance for our planet and they fulfil a wide variety of functions. Trees act as carbon reservoirs and at the same time as oxygen suppliers. Wood is a renewable raw material, which is always carbon-neutral.

Compared with other materials, it has the advantage that it ties in energy as it grows. The part which is not used in our furniture is used for the production of heat. We use 100% of our wood.

For that reason we make our frames using wood yielded from sustainable forestry. Wood is an environmentally friendly, renewable raw material, which can be safeguarded by means of sustainable harvesting from certified forest management.

We are trying to ensure the continued existence of the forest, now and in future.

So durable

Durability has proved to be an influential factor for improved sustainability. Polipol stands for high-quality materials and the stability and longevity of the components. With optimised production quality, they form the basis for a long service life.

Our furnishings are already tested in our in-house laboratory in the course of the development process. We are expected to supply consistently high quality. For that reason our products are subjected to regular and thorough checks, because quality and ease of repair are an important step towards sustainability.