• Sustainability

    an allround concept

Heart stirring



So cultural

We want to contribute to the advancement of our employees’ local environment.

A large number of unforgettable events are held to invigorate our production locations. These include sporting events such as tournaments and competitions. We want to inspire our employees, their families, friends and acquaintances with memorable experiences. This is one reason why we also organise summer festivals and anniversary celebrations.

So helpful

Since 2011 we have been involved in the foundation “Die Brücke zum Leben” [The Bridge to Life]. This project supports orphans and children from difficult social circumstances and assists them through the establishment of children’s homes, among other things.

The foundation has already established children’s homes in Armenia, Georgia, Romania, Moldova, Ukraine and Belarus. A children’s home has room for up to 12 children and two foster parents. The foster parents are selected with care, in cooperation with the local authorities.

To ensure that the children have better career prospects in future, they are also offered lessons in foreign languages. In the holidays, and sometimes even outside the holidays, the children spend time in the recreation and leisure centres, where they get to know other children, make new friendships and benefit from one another’s company. This time is also used intensively to improve the quality of these disadvantaged children’s lives – under professional supervision.

Our involvement is a matter of the heart for us, because today’s children are tomorrow’s future.

So trusting

The basis of our corporate culture is formed by respectful, honest and trusting interaction with our fellow humans, as well as with our employees. In our view, responsibility means making decisions that are characterised by sustainability and foresight, with regard to our employees, customers and suppliers.

We are conscious of our social responsibility.