• Sustainability

    an allround concept

Good hearted


„The environment is important to us, so we produce sustainably“

So low-polluting

We make an effort to reduce the use of pollutants in our production processes. For that reason we use water-based, organic solvents and have switched almost completely from solvent-based to emission-free adhesives.

We focus on the avoidance of pollutants. A gradual change for the sake of the environment.

So resource-friendly

The digital age began long ago and it is advancing apace. We would also like to embrace this digital transformation. We set ourselves the aim to do away with paper-based processes as much as possible, eventually achieving a completely digital workplace.

We stand up for the conservation of resources.

So renewable

As a result of ever increasing industrialisation and the growing world population, the shortage of natural resources is omnipresent. The availability of fossil fuels is limited. For that reason we focus on the use of renewable energies.

With modern wood-fuelled heating systems, we are increasingly providing the infrastructure for carbon-neutral heating within our production locations. The energy requirements are covered by the combustion of suitable residual waste, such as wood shavings from our own production plants.

Half of all our production locations are already heated by means of a modern wood-fuelled heating system. Further plants will gradually be converted and similarly equipped.