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Upholstery fabrics

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Our “Green Line” fabric collection deals with upholstery fabrics made of recycled polyester. The recycled polyester is recovered from PET bottles. The bottles are collected and separated from any extraneous material, such as caps or lids. Then the bottles are shredded to create granulate, melted and drawn into threads. High-quality upholstery fabrics are then woven from the polyester threads.

New to the collection is our upholstery material made of old clothes, which come from the returns of online orders.

We give materials a second life.

So high-quality

Leather is a material that is very versatile, as a result of its unique properties.

With its unmistakable quality characteristics, leather stands for robustness, stability and durability. The upper surface of leather is exceedingly resistant to friction and has good wear properties. A material which is breathable and at the same time air and water-permeable.

Leather manufacture is the oldest form of recycling, in which a material is transformed into a product with added value. We combine innovative processes with future technologies to identify faults in the leather before processing, and in that way reduce production offcuts to a minimum. A good example of this is the Leather Centre in Poland, which is equipped with the latest cutters and digitisation stations.