• Sustainability

    an allround concept


A matter of the heart

„The health and well-being of our employees are matters close to our hearts“

So flexible

Using a variety of working hours models, we try to support our employees in reconciling work and family life. Individual balance generates a high degree of flexibility and simplifies the coordination of family life.

We create new incentives and offer the opportunity to make use of part-time further education and training. Our measures in this respect include a wide range of seminars, training courses and coaching, through to part-time degree courses.

We encourage and support our employees, because the happiness of our employees is our heartfelt concern.

So caring

To promote the health of our employees we rely on the external support of physiotherapists, who are deployed in our sewing rooms, for example.

Furthermore, to optimise the design of our employees’ workplaces, we regularly improve the equipment at our locations.

This includes our pilot project: Exo-Check, an innovative back bandage, which contributes to better posture and the prevention of injuries. These bandages are currently being deployed for test purposes at selected production plants.

A variety of other measures have already been implemented. Wristband cuffs, which contribute to the relief of joints, are already successfully in use. Other items in use include rubber mats lining the floor in front of the workbenches, to improve the ergonomics of working while standing.

We want to contribute to the consistent improvement of our employees’ quality of life.

So connected

A variety of events form a key component of our positive corporate culture, for example company Christmas parties or even sporting events. They offer a platform for social interaction, strengthen internal cohesion and continuously promote a good working atmosphere.

Our internal company sports programmes promote exercise. Sport is essential for health and promotes well-being in the long term. In addition to the sporting aspect, the focus is on team spirit and cohesion, because we achieve more together.